Effortless, Full Eyelashes For Your Everyday Life

Woman eye with long eyelashes. Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions create a glamorized look that’s effortless for your everyday life. You’ll wake up to beautiful eyelashes, saving you time during those rushed mornings. You can choose to stop by your favorite coffee shop in the morning, instead of spending time with mascara and eyeliner. And, let’s face it, your time is valuable!

It may seem like a dream, waking up to beautiful, full and thick eyelashes. But, it’s not! You’ll be able to choose between partial or full eyelash extensions. Partial eyelash extensions create a cat-eye look by applying the lashes to the outer 1/3 of the eye. It’s perfect for those that want a subtle look. While full eyelashes are applied from corner to corner of your eye. It creates a look of natural mascara, and you’ll also notice a larger curl than your natural lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last? Eyelash extensions can last for up to 6 weeks, but you should come in for touch-ups to preserve the length of your lashes. If you’d like to apply makeup to your new lashes, be sure to ask your stylist if it’s safe. Not all makeup products can be used as it could damage the extension.

Ready to glamorize your look with full, thick lashes? Our professional stylists at Velvet Luxe Salon can create a look that compliments you and your lifestyle. You can find us at 200 Main Street in Royersford, or give us a call on 610.792.7294. If you prefer instant appointment gratification, download our free mobile app to create your own perfect appointment. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.