Get Matching Hairstyles with the Kiddos

Mother and daughter

Kids grow unbelievingly fast! That’s why it’s important for parents to soak up as much fun as they can before they outgrow the ‘mom and dad are cool’ stage. While many families choose to dress alike, we feel matching hairstyles are the way to go! Don’t worry, there’s ample opportunity for the dads to get involved too.

Color Envy. Make others envious with matching locks of colorful hair. Don’t leave anyone out, the whole family can join in on the fun. If your little one is too young for hair dye, another great option would be hair chalk or clip-in-hair.

Updo’s to Compliment You Both. A special event is the perfect opportunity to come into the salon for a matching updo. If you don’t have any idea of what you’d like, not to worry. Our staff will create a look that will be complimentary on both of you.

Bob and Fade. Of course, a great way to match is to get a similar haircut. A cute bob for mom and daughter, or a similar fade haircut for dad and son. The choices are endless, and we know the kids will love how they look just like mom or dad.

Accessorize. Purchasing matching hair accessories is one of the easiest ways to match your little one. It’s the perfect addition to add to an already matching hairstyle. The options are endless, from scrunchies, headbands, bows, or hair clips. Color-coordinate them with your clothing and you’ll be the most matching pair around.

Braids and Buns. There are so many great ways to do braids and buns. Just a few to try are the fishtail, waterfall, and halo. But, what about dads matching their daughters? If she has a pixie cut, you can style it a similar way, or if dad has long enough hair to wear in a bun, that’s a way to go too.

Don’t forget it’s also adorable when siblings match! Let our professional stylists at Velvet Luxe Salon, create a look the whole family will enjoy. You can find us at 200 Main Street in Royersford, or give us a call on 610.792.7294. If you prefer instant appointment gratification, download our free mobile app to create your own perfect appointment. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.