Shaping Your Eyebrows to Complement Your Face

Beauty brunette woman with perfect makeup

Eyebrow shapes have changed dramatically in the last decade, but for the better. We’ve realized that eyebrows play an important role in our overall appearance, which is why we should have an expert determine which brow shape compliments our face best. Of course, we’ll go over a good rule of thumb, so you have a good understanding. And, you’ll always want to choose a look that you’re comfortable with, that’s why this is a basic guide. Feeling confident is important, so choose an eyebrow shape that makes you feel your best.

When your face is as long as it is wide, then you’ll want a gentle arch in your brow. This will make your face appear to have more definition. You’ll want to stay away from rounded brows, this will accentuate your round face.

The oval face is one that has the most balanced proportions of all face shapes. Your brows should be soft and slightly angled. If your brow is very arched, it may create a ‘surprised’ look.

A square face is one with a strong jawline. It’s ideal to have very soft, angled or curved brows. This will soften the sharp, defined angles of your face. Be sure to stay away from flat eyebrows, which will exaggerate your defined angles.

Your face is heart shaped when your chin is more defined and pointed. You’ll look best with soft, rounded brows or ones with a low arch. These brows will flow with the shape of your face, take some of the focus away from the chin, and add focus on the eyes.

If your forehead and cheekbone are high, you have a long or rectangular face shape. A flat eyebrow shape is ideal for your face. This will create the illusion of having a shorter face. You’ll want to stay away from arches, as this may add length to your face.

A diamond-shaped face is one with a narrow forehead and jawline which broadens at eyes. Create dramatic, curved arched brows to make the forehead appear narrower.

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