What Hair Brush Should I Be Using?

Hairbrushes on color background

As you’ve noticed when taking a trip down the brush aisle in your local store, there are a wide variety of brushes. They aren’t all created equal, and it’s best to use a brush or comb that’s best for your hair type. It’ll keep your hair more manageable and healthier. Here’s a quick guide on which brush is best to use for different hair types.

Boar Bristle Brush
If you have very fine hair, you’ll benefit from using a brush with boar bristles. This brush will slide right through your hair and it won’t snag or pull. It even takes oils from your scalps and distributes it throughout your hair, it’s a natural hair conditioner. When you first purchase your brush, be sure to submerge your brush into hot water for 20 minutes and then rake the brush downwards on the corner of a surface in your home (one that’s not easily scratched).

Nylon Mixed with Boar Bristles
Curly hair will benefit from a brush with mixed bristles. This brush makes curly and wavy hair shiny. If you’d like to add volume to your hair, purchase a brush with bristles that are spaced wide apart.

Nylon Bristle Brush
If you have hair that is medium-to-thick density, you’ll want a nylon bristled brush. Its bristles are flexible and will detangle your hair easily.

Metal Round Brush
If you have very straight hair and want to add more volume, bounce or curl, you’ll want to use a metal round brush. You’ll use this brush when blow drying your hair. The barrel of the brush heats up, similar to the curling iron and produces results that are similar. The size of the barrel will change the size of the curl. We don’t recommend using this brush often if your hair is fragile, damaged or thinning.

Vented Brush
This is the brush you’ll see with sections missing in the middle, allowing air to pass through. You can use these when you need to quickly blow dry your hair. You won’t have a perfectly polished look with this comb when blow drying, but it will get you out the door faster. It’s also great for short to shoulder length hair.

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