Eliza Dudonis

Owner / Creative Director / Extension Specialist


My Hours

Thur: 10am-9pm
Fri: 10am-5pm


My whole passion for hair started when I was eight yrs old. My cousin and I created a whole blueprint for a hair salon called Las Primas Salon. We even put a hot tub in the middle of our salon because we thought it would be so cool to be able to wear our bathing suits and relax in a hot tub while waiting to get your hair done. I’d say we were pretty innovative for eight years old. Needless to say this day spent with my cousin sparked my passion and started my dream! As time went on I forgot about this dream I had when I was eight years old. I was an average kid with average grades. I was on the college track for what else, to be a business teacher, it was safe! Nonetheless, I always felt the calling to do something greater. I started as a Shampoo Assistant at Jolie Salon and Day Spa while in college this is where I realized I have to follow my dream I have to be a hairdresser! Ten days after graduating with my BS in Business Education I went on to Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia to become a Stylist! Two weeks after Graduating from there I went to apprentice for Eufora Educator Jay Fata. It was intense training and he is truly the man who gave me the confidence when it came to doing hair. I kept hard at work mastering my craft, my passion was set on fire! Now my dreams as a kid have turned to a reality as I opened my first salon Velvet Luxe Salon, LLC.  I specialize in hair extensions and at this time I am currently only excepting new guests for this service.  Hair extensions can create a pop of chemical free color, fix a bad haircut, create more volume for your hair and of course can create that superstar look of extreme length and volume.  Book a consultation with me so we can discuss the right look for your hair and budget.

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