Julieann Perez

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Julieann Perez

Salon Assistant/ Apprentice

When I was in third grade we had a career day in class and I came in to class as a hairdresser.  I have tried many different activities and hobbies but something always brought me back to the beauty industry.  I loved playing with my dolls hair and played around with makeup application.  I just enjoyed being creative with hair and makeup.  I finally decided to go to Technical College High School Pickering Campus for Cosmetology when I entered my sophomore year.  I officially begun my professional career at the completion of my senior year, graduating from Owen J. Roberts  High School as well as completing the cosmetology program at TCHPC.  I continue to grow my skills through training one on one with both Eliza  and Casey through the Velvet Luxe Salon, LLC Apprentice program as well as completing a Unite product knowledge class and Eufora Color formulation class.   Click Read More to view some of my work and see my hours!

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My Work

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